Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

May 8, 2020

To: Kevin Garrison,
Garrison Prosthetics

Dear Kevin,

I am prompted to write you this note to thank you for your immense help. As Willy Nelson would say, “for getting me on the road again!” When I called to make the appointment, I was really hurting and to be honest, I did not think there was much that you could do to accomodate the large bursa which had formed in my left limb. But low and behold–you performed another miracle! Today I am following your instructions and am pain free.

For the last almost 20 years you have been my prosthetist. When I was first an amputee you allowed me an opportunity to try all the newest, suitable, prosthetics available. My confidence grew, and I have had a wonderful life in spite of the limb loss.

You have been a very strong supporter of our support group and I thank you. I have brought you clients over the years who were unable to be helped by other practitioners and you pulled a “Willy Nelson” on them too!

God bless,
Mike Woodard

I have been a prosthetic patient since June of 1999. I have been to many prosthetic clinics in this area. My experience with all of them prior to Kevin Garrison was dismal. I had infections due to a lack of professionalism during the many treatments and adjustments that were required over a considerable period of time. In fact, I was hospitalized twice with serious infections due to improper balancing techniques. Some of my appointments required long waiting periods from the scheduled appointment time, which of course was always frustrating. I always felt that the sooner the prosthetic professional finished with me the happier he was. My further experiences were that there didn’t seem to be any personal consideration.

Finally, I was referred to Kevin S. Garrison about five or six years ago. My scheduled appointments have always been punctual. I have always been given more than adequate time during these appointments. Kevin’s professional observations have always been accurate and problems have been corrected immediately, resulting in minimal problems for me. Whenever I needed a new liner or new prosthetic device, prosthetic socks, etc. they were provided promptly. I have always felt that Kevin cares about my situation and is very conscientious about resolving any problems that come about. As prosthetic users, we all know that there will always be some kind of problem and the quicker they are resolved the better we feel. My experience with Kevin is that he appreciates how we feel and moves quickly towards resolution.

Edwin G. Avery

I lost my leg due to a blood clot about ten years ago. I really had difficulty in dealing with this mentally. I went to three companies for consultations and finally decided to use one of the larger ones. The first prosthetic was a disaster as it did not fit. After several attempts to correct the problem he decided a new one was in order. The new one was held on by a strap. It seemed to be OK, but when working in my back yard one day the foot broke off. I repaired it myself with parts from the hardware store. This all took place over a two-year period. This is just one of the horror stories that can happen to new amputees.

I was talking to a friend one day and he suggested I see Kevin Garrison, who was several miles from my home. It turned out to be the best drive I ever took! Mr. Garrison made a new prosthesis and when I saw it I thought to myself, this doesn’t look anything like what I had been using. He put it on and made a few adjustments and asked me to walk slowly. It felt great! As I left his office I decided to take a walk and try this out. I was absolutely amazed. I had not walked this far since I lost my leg. I went back into his office to tell him how happy I was and that is when I found out he also is an amputee. Mr. Garrison is the most professional, sympathetic and caring person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you, Kevin, you changed my life!

When my childhood prosthetist retired I was left in a lurch. I found someone local to make a new limb and was completely unsatisfied. I started looking country-wide and found Kevin. I flew into Miami, Florida from Wyoming and he made me a limb that I loved in ten days. I have been coming to him since 2000 and have had five total limbs made by him. He listens to what I want, offers suggestions and works as a team until I am happy.

C. Hiatt






I am a 92 year old amputee who went to Garrison’s Prosthetic Services to be fitted with a prosthetic right leg. I am very satisfied because the leg looks very natural, and I am walking comfortably.

Eric A. Levy






From the moment I walked in the door the team was caring and attentive! I’ve had numerous legs since the age of three and this was the smoothest, fastest process. Mr. Kevin S. Garrison gave me excellent advice as to physical therapy and gait improvement. I cannot come up with a better recommendation for a caring and extremely knowledgeable prosthetist. Thank you, Mr. Garrison, you’ve improved my life.

S.L. Bowden





I’ve been with Kevin for seven years. He is a very caring person. I moved thirty-five miles away and I wouldn’t change to go to a closer prosthetic office. He is the best at what he does.

Rafael Aguilar






I would like to express my utmost sincere thanks to Kevin S. Garrison for providing me with the most professionally created prosthetic leg I could imagine. Since the first moment we met I knew Kevin was a trustworthy, compassionate and professional person. After losing my leg I was not sure where to turn for help in restoring my body and life. I was referred to Kevin by a family friend and could not be happier with the results. I highly recommend Kevin S. Garrison as the result of his work and kindness, which has made all the difference to me.

Bill Hammel




Hello Kevin, this is Scott Baringer sending one of my first e-mails. I thought your web site was nicely done. There has been no one more helpful to me after my tragedy. You always gave me the most helpful ways to deal with my limb loss, both mentally and physically. Your passion to make people comfortable and whole again shows throughout your practice. I would recommend you instantly and without hesitation to all I see and know.

Thanks, Scott Baringer




I returned to my home in Florida seven months after open heart surgery and amputation of my right leg due to a blood clot. I am still here at age 92 after 12 years. I asked my doctor and dear friend to recommend a prosthetist. He told me to go to the only person he had great confidence in, a Mr. Kevin Garrison.
Kevin Garrison has proven himself a very capable, knowledgeable and caring prosthetist in every way. He has treated me for 12 years, replacing prostheses as needed. He has followed every improvement to help his patients and I greatly benefit from his remarkable talent in his profession. He keeps me mobile and comfortable at 92, which says a lot. I am truly grateful to him for all his knowledge and caring input. I hope and pray he continues in his great dedication and know-how, as do all of us who so greatly benefit from his know-how and care. Thank you always, Kevin.

Mollie S. Cohen


When my accident happened I thought life as I knew it was over. Kevin Garrison came into my life and changed all that. Because of Kevin’s knowledge and care, I am mobile again. I have even been able to return to my passion of playing golf. (By the way, I am a 12 handicap.) Thanks to you, Kevin, for your knowledge and all the hours you spend making sure that I’m comfortable.

National Amputee Championship
4Th Place Multiple Division

Dan Hodess
Deputy Sheriff-Sergeant
Broward County Florida



The loss of a limb is probably the most difficult circumstance that any of us must face, but in my case, this most difficult time has always been helped by the assistance of a valued expert, Kevin Garrison. Mr. Garrison has been an advisor to me for more than 20 years. He not only has provided me with expert advice and service, but has also been a friendly source of caring and help during this difficult struggle. He is a well qualified advisor and friend in all matters that confront the disabled. He has been invaluable to me and to countless others, at a time when such help has been so important. It’s hard enough to find someone who is knowledgeable, but even harder to find someone who is both knowledgeable and kind.

Joel H. Krumerman, M.D.



I am Alma Lee Evans. I am proud to say that I have been a patient of Kevin Garrison for almost five years, and I am well pleased with the work that he has done for me. Since I lost my left leg he has taught me how to balance myself and walk. I am very pleased that he found me and I recommend him to anyone that has lost a limb. He knows what to do and how to do it. If you need help, come to Kevin S. Garrison.

Alma Lee Evans




When I came here 3 ½ years ago from Indiana, I hadn’t found a prosthetist that was able to do for me what Kevin has. After having gone through six other prosthetists from Indiana to here in Florida, Kevin did in one week what others couldn’t do in the years I gave them. He made me a leg that fit properly. When Kevin first met me and saw me walk, he was genuinely concerned about my gait. He couldn’t believe I had been walking for so many years without someone correcting my stride. Kevin not only equipped me with the perfect prosthesis for my lifestyle, but also taught me to walk with flawlessness in my steps. Kevin built me a leg to perfection, and in a timely manner.

Recently, Kevin turned me on to the C-Leg. In my 12 years as an amputee I have had many legs. But this C-Leg has been phenomenal! For the first time in 12 years I sat down without having to grab the back of the chair and lower myself down. I walked downstairs one foot over the other. I’m back playing racquetball, and winning! Kevin is not only a prosthetist, but eventually becomes a friend who cares about you, and gets you back as close as possible to your lifestyle before your amputation. He’s a guy who will bend over backwards for you, and you don’t find too many people in this day and age who will do that. Thanks, Kevin, for saving me from years of backaches, because of your enthusiasm in learning your trade, which I believe came from your heart.

Bruce L.


My name is Jimmy Lamboy. Back in March of 1992 I was in an electrical accident that left me a bi-lateral amputee. I lost my left arm to my shoulder and my right arm below my elbow. I was introduced to Kevin S. Garrison back in 1993. Mr. Kevin Garrison has since become my life saver. He is a professional from the start who first and foremost cares for his patients, knows how to listen to his patients needs and then backs up his attention to you with his superb work. Mr. Garrison has handed me back my life. I drive my car, cut the lawn, coach baseball and volunteer as an usher in church with the myoelectric arms and mechanical arms he made for me. Garrison’s Prosthetic Services, Inc. and staff have given me back my independence and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

Jimmy Lamboy



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