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The APRL Voluntary Closing Hook is no longer being manufactured by the Hosmer Company, now the Fillauer Company. Fillauer representatives, upon questioning, said they are not only discontinuing the manufacture of the APRL Hook, but they also are not servicing them, doing repairs, or manufacturing replacement parts.

This is quite a dilemma for longtime users of APRL Hook, a most excellent prosthetic terminal device many have come to depend on throughout their day-to-day lives.


I have experience successfully servicing and repairing the APRL Hook; I am offering a service to help keep your device working correctly for you for as long as possible.

If you are interested in this service, please call us at (305) 949-1888 for more details and then send all your nonfunctioning APRL’s for repair and functioning ones for proper maintenance. It will be my honor to help you if you need this service.


Kevin S Garrison, CP, LP/Author

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