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A Balance of Technology, Touch & Talent

Garrison’s Prosthetic Services has produced all types of custom prosthetics in the South Florida area for over thirty years. Our practice features a full range of products and services, including the most sophisticated electronic arms and legs built with today’s ultra-lightweight technology. We take pride in providing aesthetically pleasing cosmetic restorations for the finger, hand, arm and foot.

Unlike some other firms, our facility – which includes a full prosthetic lab – can quickly finish custom work because we do all the fabrication ourselves using state-of-the-art technology. Recently, our office has been fully renovated to continue to bring our clients the very best and most modern care. You will enjoy the intimate size and personalized nature of our practice, where you interact directly with the owner, Kevin S. Garrison, and our supportive staff as we focus on your comfort and care.


Highlights of Our Practice

  • Owner Kevin S. Garrison will make your prosthesis and is available to you every step of the way – an amputee helping fellow amputees.
  • Perception vs. reality: We put the extra time and consideration into all our products to make the cosmetic perception as close to perfection as possible, while maintaining the reality of comfort.
  • Using today’s technology, we can provide lightweight yet strong appliances.
  • Follow-up care is an essential part of our professional practice, allowing us to prevent most common problems with our clients. Visiting clients at their homes is sometimes necessary, and is part of our routine care.
  • We offer a full range of custom myoelectric prosthetics for all levels of upper extremity amputation, including complex bilateral cases. Proportional control products allow us to provide electronic elbows, wrists and hands which have the highest level of acceptance for these upper extremity devices.
  • We also have electronic microprocessor-controlled knees and ankles for our lower extremity clients, offering improved safety, comfort and energy savings (easier walking), through a new form of electronic weight-bearing control of the prosthetic knee and ankle joint.
  • To make your rehabilitative process run as smoothly as possible, we’re available outside office hours on an emergency basis, have a 24-hour answering service and can accommodate special appointments.



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